Sunday, September 19, 2010

"I wish my life was like an 80's movie."-Easy A

Yeah so I saw "Easy A" on Friday. It was really good actually. Usually, when I like movies, but they weren't like "Holy shit, that deserves an Oscar." I just say... It was cute. No this time I can genuinely say it was good. Just reread that, and that doesn't make any sense, but I'm running of one hour of sleep in almost 24 hours, so just work with me. A lot of movies that I say were "cute" are ones that I wish I was in. With this movie, I can honestly say I wouldn't really want to be her. I mean, it's funny, but she was basically an outcast most of the movie. I would absolutely love to be her towards the end though. That's where her life actually is like an 80's movie. Super hot guy comes to her house on a riding mower and carries a boom box over his head. Hot guy in question is Penn Badgley. Oh my God is he hot or what? I hate sounding like a typical teenage girl, but I am one, and a HUGE part of my life revolves around boys. There were other cute guys in question in this 2 others. That's not a lot for a movie, but sadly, that's more than at my school....
Really what I wanted to focus on was how life is never like an 80's movie or any movie for that matter. There's not a bunch of hot guys everywhere, the girl and boy don't always end up together in the end, and high school isn't as cliquey as they make it seem. For once, I would really like to get the hot guy and have a movie relationship with him. Maybe something like "Dear John" or "The Last Song" or anything by Nicholas Sparks. Even though there's a heartbreaking part in those where the person just doesn't know how they'll go on without the love of their lives, but I want that! I want to be that in love. The tragic breakups and getting back together just makes it more amazing. I would even settle for a relationship from those teen movies. In real life, only a few people are that in love in High School, and hardly anyone has a movie like relationship. Then again, maybe once you are so in love, you feel like you're in a movie, and you stop dreaming of fairytales because you're in one. I want that someday.
Actually I did want to just review he movie and naturally got distracted with my pathetic life. Like I said, I really liked it, but I feel like Emma Stone seemed a bit too old to be in High School. It was cool to see Amanda Bynes be in a movie again, but she doesn't look very healthy. I absolutely loved Olive's(main character) family. They may just have been the funniest people in the movie. One thing that really made me feel good as that Olive/Emma Stone had a small chest! Like my size or smaller. You always see girls with huge boobs in movies, and it's nice to see someone who looks a bit more like me. Olive's friend, Ri/Ally Michalka, on the other hand was again very chesty. If you haven't seen a trailer, here's the link:

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