Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Yeah, I definitely only like Hispanic people..."-Me

That's right...that stupid quote above is sadly from me. I can't believe I said that to cute physical conditiong guy!! We're gonna start calling him CPC for short. I had a mediocre day. I woke up at a good time for once which lead to me looking halfway decent! I got to school, strolled around the third floor with my best friend. When I got to AP Us History however, my mood went down slightly. Nothing bad really happened, but I was sooooooooo tired! The president videos usually make me sleepy, but today I almost passed out! And it didn't stop after the video. I was on the verge of falling asleep all class. Definitely need to remember my coffee tomorrow!
After APUSH, I started making my way towards AP Art History, and I happened to see HB walking in the wrong direction. He ignored me until I stopped and asked him where he was going. What the freak happened?! Things were going great! Am I getting too clingy all of a sudden? Ugh. However, then I ran into CPC! Well, first I saw him, but he didn't say anything, so I decided to play it cool and walk on. When he was done talking to his friend however, he was like "All right, don't say hi." So I was like, "Well I am a snob after all." Him: "Haha, oh yeah I heard about that." Me: "yeah..." Him: "I mean you don't talk to anyone in Physical Conditioning...besides Santiago."(Do I detect slight jealousy/curiosity?!) Me:(joking) Well he is my best friend." Him:(I guess not hearing my comment.) "That's just racist!" Me: (didn't have time to answer) Him: "I mean not to me, but to everyone else in that class." Me:... Him: "You only talk to Hispanic people!" Me: "Yeah, I definitely only like Hispanic people..."(WTF?) Him: "Um well that's good."
I have no idea what this conversation means; I'm just ecstatic that he's talking to me! I know that there's no way he'd ever be interested in me. I guess he's just friendly and will talk to people if he knows them, but it feels good to have a cute guy talk to you, ya know? He really is hot.
After this my mood goes down slightly again. HB isn't technically in my Art History class. He works in a side room on AP Studio Art stuff, but the point is, he didn't talk to me at all! He looked at me, and he talked to other girls but not a word to me! And to make things worse, I lost my notes that we did for homework. It took me four hours to do, and it's gone! I was so pissed, and of course my teacher didn't really believe me. On a HB side note, he was supposed to give me a ride to this art museum thing we were going to for class on Saturday. I was planning on asking him to go to lunch before hand which would lead to a discussion about it being a date. However, he informed me yesterday that he was going two hours early to meet up with some other people(who I don't really know and they don't like me). I was welcome to come, but God knows I don't want to spend time with those girls. So I have no clue what to do!

Calculus flirtations.

Now moving on! After that I went to lunch, where I just watched over homecoming nominations. Then, I went to Physics where I beasted my test! Calculus was pretty good too. I got a 100% on my quiz, and I did some flirting with Got Cute Over Summer, now SC(summer cutie) while we did a study guide. Then I got a text from my brother saying I need to find another ride home, and guess who offered to drive me? SC:) So he drove me home in his red truck. Naturally, I hit my head while getting out of his car, but maybe that adds a cute factor?
So I managed to finish my homework in 2 1/2 hours today! I got to shower earlier and have chill time which I spent watching Grey's Anatomy. So  maybe it was more of a good day than mediocre!

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